Saturday, 4 July 2015


Hello my fwends.

Muvva has been so busy since hoouncle passed away. She has bin organisin da funeral and it not been easy for her. Hoouncle wants plain simple basic one wif as little money spent on it as possible. He sed to muvva dat he wud rather she kept da money he leave her for wen she gets old dan spend it on silly funeral.

Anyway she dun her best and I fink it gonna be vewy speshul and personal.

Dere a company here in Cornwall dat not like normal funeral directors. Dey not tell yoo wot yoo has to have but dey do wot yoo wants and tells dem to do, and dey very modern way of doing fings. So Muvva woz able to arrange da sort ov funeral exactly how hoouncle had wanted. Wich is impawtunt cuz it all about him.

So Muvva bin leehayzin wif dem & I fink she dun good job.

Hoouncle woz 73, an he loved The Shadows and also Mark Knopfler to name a couple ov his favwite moosic peepuls. So Muvva got dere moosic from iTunes last night onto a cd to give to da celebrante.

Da service gonna be more spiritual dan religious cuz hoouncle woznt religious but knew sumfin or sumone woz lookin afta us after we go over da bridge. So dere will be a celibrante to read da eulogy and stand out front to make sure da ceremony follows properly.

As hoouncle is carried into da chapel da moosic is The Shadows playin Apache (yoo can Google it if yooz wants to), den while da celebrant reads da eulogy (Muvva wrote it last nite an it all about hoouncles life), da background moosic will be Mark Knopfler playing da theme from da movie Local Hero, and is called Going Home. It got a sort of Scottish theme to da music an hoouncle loved Scotland very much.

Den after dat Muvva picked a very personal song by Mark Knopfler agen, especially for her and hoouncle to share. Here it iz wif da wurds. It makes us cry. But iz bootiful.

Den after dat has played hoouncle will go slowly thru da doors and curtains close behind him to The Shadows playing Atlantis.

Muvva got dis weekend to relax a bit, but got busy week nxt week. She gotta meet celebrant Monday, and funeral company lady Tuesday after she collected all da papers and death certificate from da hospital. Wednesday she got to choose da flowers and bring dem home to make up da wreath. She wanted to do it herself, cuz it be more personal and a lot cheaper! So she doing wot hoouncle wants.

She managed to get hold of ALL his old pals from wen he worked at da railway station and dey are all coming to da funeral too. She so pleased about dat.

And da pal dat bought hoouncles car iz driving her and George (dats hoouncles bestest friend) to da crematorium.

She just got to organise some sort of buffet afterwards this w/end. And den it all sorted.

It's been hard werk but its kept muvva from falling to bits.

Because yoo haf all given so much support to us at dis sad time, we want to share it wif yoo. It iz a vewy private fing we know, but Muvva has been vewy open and shared every tear drop wif yoo my fwends. Because yoo iz all speshul to us.

She an orphan now wif no fambly, well no blood fambly. She is very rich in Twitter fambly and fwends though.

Evfurryone been so kind and so fortful and wivout dere support she cud neva haf held it togevva like she haz. She sez to tell you fankoo so much, it means da werld to her.

Yoo haf all shared our pain ov hoouncle being so ill and now da loss of hoouncle. We love yoo, each and evfurry one ov yoo, so much.

We iz very blessed to haf yoo all in our lives.

God Bless yoo all
Wif lots of love



  1. We are so sorry you had to say goodbye to your uncle. Hugs.

  2. Fankoo my fwends, we didunt get to say goodbye but I fink muvva said our goodbyes for us. We miss hoouncle :(

  3. Sounds like it are gonna be a very nice ceremony.

  4. The music of Mark Knopfler is very special to me too. Things like that are what connect us all together. Will be "sitting" with you all during the service & afterwards.

  5. Dis music sooo speshul n bootiful. Hoouncle gonna be attendin hiz service wiv yoo all. Yoo haz us for family....mama she be der. We luff yoo all!

  6. We iz finkin of yoo over dere today Bonnie an muvva. We iz vewy sad, we know dis separation not furever.

    I will tell yoo a story now ta pwoove wot we believe.

    My mom went to a medium-ship afternoon on da weekend. Her daddy been In HooHeaven fur 28 years, but she believes dat he still wif her. He was a farmer an he had workin dogs but also JRT's-some of the first litter in Australia to come from da UK. He woz 63 when he died of heart-attack, my mom woz only 21 and her bruvvers 18 & 16.

    Wen mom got me Bruv BBDog (Barney) 16 years ago he woz her first ever dog and an even tho he wozn't a Jack Russell he woz a Westie (terrier) like me, she always fort dat her daddy wud haff luffed him. She often fort wot a shame dat he nefur got to meet him.

    On Satfurday moms Daddy come to say he woz up dere in Hooheaven and dat he woz ok. Woz amazing da fings da medium told my mom, fings dat only she would know.... She said dat he woz holding da baby and dat dey were togevver and da baby woz ok, (his first child woz stillborn). But den she sed dat dere woz a "little white dog at his feet" well of course mom juz lost it, woz bawlin an sayin dats Barney! Da medium sed yes "Barney's wif yoor Dad" When mom told me dis we bowf woz so happy an we was bawlin togevver.

    You will see Hoouncle agen Bonnie coz my mom's got da pwoof! Dere's no-way dat medium lady could've known da stuff she told my mom. We gits ourselves all cort up in da physical fings, but like yoo sed, luff iz wats impawtant. Yoo can't touch it, but yoo can feel it an yoo know when it's awound yoo. Juz like our fwends and fambly wots on da ovver side dey haff da strongest luff of all.

    We are here for yoo, an Hazel an Gizmo and all da fambly sendin our luff an prayers to help yoo froo da ceremony and da pysicall stuff, but yoo know all dat matters in da end is luff and yoo haff lots of dat girrrlfwend.

    Luff yoo all xoxo

    P.s. Mom said dere's a book dat yoor muvver mite like ta read an it mite be helpful, it's called "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander xxx

    1. Fankoo my fwends. Tiz da mornin of da funeral today. I will let yoo all know how it went wen muvva feels well enuff to be my scribe. Fankoo for all yoor kind forts, me knows yoo will all be wif muvva dis aftanoon in chapel.

      Bronte, muvva has heard of dat book about Heaven an she downloaded it dis morning and is gonna read it dis morning if she got time. I fink she will read some ov it anyways.

      She knows dere is somefin afta dis life, she tell yoo all about it afta today, it woz special moment in her life, she been lucky enuff to experience 2 such moments an will tell yoo about boff ov dem.

      One hooman and one anipal experience. So she knows for sure we too carry on over da bridge juzt like hoomans duz.

      I loves yoo my fwends. Fankoo for bein our fwends and supportin muvva at dis sad time. Yoo iz all vewy speshul to us.