Monday, 13 April 2015

Sophie's passing

Dearest Sophie is now running free over Rainbow Bridge wiv her sons and all my fursistas and brofurs and all our pals.

Muvva sed it was a bootiful passing. When she got to da vet, vet lady gave Sophie a sedative injection to make her sleepy, and mum sat in a darkened room wif Sophie wrapped in da blankie for over half an hour.

Woz so peaceful mum said. It gave dem boff time to calm down and say dere goodbyes, and Muvva sed Sophie was purring very quietly as she drifted off to sleep.

By time vet came back in da room Sophie was fast asleep, so dey gently shaved her arm and gave her da final injection.

A few seconds later Sophies spirit was flyin free. Mum sat wif her in her arms for anovver half hour or maybe longer. Cradlin her tight and talkin to her as if she woz still dere but muvva knew Sophie cud hear her whereva she was.

Muvva is haffin her cremated and will get her ashes back dis Friday. She can't rilly afford it, but will go wivout little extras or luxuries to cover it. She sed she'd rather do dat and haf Sophie back dan fink of her being scattered miles away from home.

So next weekend will probbly be big funeral day, cos Muvva gonna bury Sophie, her sons and Midge da Collie in da area of garden designayted for a pet cemetary.

Mum sed we can all go dere an talk to dem if we wants but we knows dey iz around us all da time. Hoomans seem to haf a problem knowing dat we never leaves, we always wif dem dey juzt can't see or touch us any more.

I bet sisfur Sophie is running free now in da meadow grass amongst all da sweet smellin flowers wif Sooty and Spotty, and Midge and all my fursibs.

It was such a booful passing from dis life to da next. Vet said it da last fing we can do for dem, to let dem go wif dignity and surrounded by love.

Me goin now to cuddle muvva.

Bark laturs my dearest fwends.


  1. Im so sorry to hear about Sophie. Its nice that she had a calm passing and she is with our Jazzi in heaven


  2. So sorry to hear bout Sophie. Sendin big hugs.

  3. So sorry fur da loss of Sophie... sendin' big hugs yer way.